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Julius von Bismarck's 'Feel-O-Meter' Reflects Public Sentiment

julius von bismarck's 'feel-o-meter'
Artist Julius von Bismarck has installed a massive, dynamic emoticon on top of a lighthouse as part of the Provinz exhibition currently on view in Linz, Austria. As part of his work 'Feel-o-Meter,' a clutch of cameras records the facial expressions of passersby, and, with the aid of computer software, determines whether or not most of them are smiling. That collective emotion is then translated to a large screen, which projects the real-time sentiments of the town via a series of smiley faces. Adorable! Well, only if everyone's happy.

In 2008, von Bismarck exhibited the project in Berlin, although it was then titled the 'Stimmungsgasometer.' You can check out a video of his process, and the Berlin exhibition here. [From: PSFK]

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