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iPhone Users Have More Sex Partners, OKCupid Survey Finds

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We all know that iPhone users struggle to place or receive calls on their smartphones -- except, apparently, when said calls are of the 'booty' variety. According to a recent survey from OKCupid, iPhone owners, on average, have more sex partners than either Android or BlackBerry owners. In a survey of 9,785 smartphone users, OKCupid's team of statisticians found that the typical male iPhone keeper has bedded ten unique people by the age of 30, while your everyday iFemale claims to have conquered 12.3 different Justin Long look-alikes. Male BlackBerry users, by comparison, say they've slept with an average of 8.1 different people by the age of 30, with female BB-ers laying claim to laying 8.8. Last and, well, least, are Android users, who report having done the deed with roughly six unique individuals (6.0 for males, 6.1 for females -- curiously Android-genous).

Of course, these sex-tistics only apply to 30-year-old users, so you could reasonably speculate that older BlackBerry patrons would see a spike once they cash in on those swanky stock options, or that iPhone clients may experience a lag once their trust funds run dry. (We kid.) OKCupid, though, managed to piece together stats from users ranging in age from 18 to 40, and the same sexual discrepancies seem to persist across the full sample.

So, what makes the iPhone so monumentally libidinous? Perhaps it's that extra 'G' Apple added to the iPhone 4. Or maybe the lower antenna placement actually arouses more than just our innermost frustrations. Then again, you could just chalk it up to a widespread case of app-phrodisia. A more feasible explanation, though, is that iPhone users simply don't know how to count. These are, after all, the same people who thought they had four bars of reception when they really had, like, one. [From: OKCupid]

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