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Apple TV to Become iTV, Get Apps

iPhone + Apple TV
The rumblings started as far back as 2007 -- that the seemingly doomed-from-the-start Apple TV would get a makeover into a screenless iPod touch with an HDMI port. Those rumors started making the rounds again around the launch of the iPad, but an iOS-based Apple TV was still nowhere to be seen. Now, our friends at Engadget claim to have an exclusive scoop on the new Apple TV, which will get new hardware, a new OS and a new name -- the iTV. According to an anonymous source, the Intel innards will be replaced with the an A4 processor like that found in the iPhone 4 and iPad. The new device will run iOS, like the rest of the iDevice lineup, and will have more apps, although it's not clear if it will run iPhone and iPad apps or be restricted to iTV-exclusive code.

All the news is not good, though. The new iTV apparently won't be able to playback high def 1080p or 1080i content. Instead, it will be limited to 720p. Major bummer. [From: Engadget]

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