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Woman Quits With E-Mail Reveal of Boss's 'FarmVille' Addiction

Jenny Quits Via Photo Laden E-Mail
Well it looks like the tale of our sassy quitter may be too good to be true. Peter Kafka at All Things Digital did some homework and uncovered that the guys behind theCHIVE (the site that broke the Jenny story) were also behind a prank piece about Donald Trump leaving a $10,000 tip that tricked The New York Post and Fox News. Leo Resig, one of the site's founders refused to confirm or deny that the Jenny story was also made up, which leads us to assume there is no truth to it.

We've all dreamed of quitting a crappy job in a spectacular and dramatic fashion. But it takes a certain type, and a particularly onerous boss, to lead to truly entertaining dramatic exits like the one executed by the girl pictured above. It seems that our heroine, Jenny, had enough of her boss Spencer's temper, bad breath, sexism and general goofing off. So, she decided to announce her resignation as his assistant via e-mail. Her message, spelled out via several photographs of herself holding a dry erase board, reveals plenty about Spencer's less appealing qualities. But the most damning (and hilarious) is the revelation that he spent 19.7 hours per week playing 'FarmVille.' If there's any justice in the world, this guy won't be working there much longer either. [From: theCHIVE, via: Consumerist]

Jenny Quits

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