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TST-14J BonusJet Glider Comes With Retractable Jet Engine

bonusjet glider

Finding somebody to tow your fancy glider thousands of feet into the air is hardly cheap or convenient, so Desert Aerospace has developed a jet-powered sailplane that can launch itself into the sky. The company's TST-14J BonusJet, which completed its first successful test flight this spring, will supposedly be cheaper than other self-launching gliders that are manufactured in Europe (although, there aren't any price details on it yet). Its jet engine is mounted right behind the cockpit, weighs 45 pounds, and produces 240 pounds of thrust -- enough power to send the glider rocketing into the air at about 900 feet-per-minute. Once the pilot reaches the desired altitude, the engine can be safely stowed inside the fuselage via retractable doors, letting you ridge run whenever, and wherever, you want. [From: Wired and Desert Aerospace]

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