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Marriage Proposal a Success, Thanks to Twitter, Foursquare and Qik

Where many men have disappointed their girlfriends by offering casual, lackluster proposals, Digg's Matt Van Horn secured a definite "yes" from his girlfriend, Lauren, on Saturday by streaming his surprise proposal online so that their friends and family could watch. Fearing that Lauren would expect the proposal if he took her to their favorite spot overlooking San Francisco, Van Horn arranged for a friend to take Lauren there, where he hid behind a rock with another friend, filming everything to a Qik video stream.

Before the proposal, Van Horn rigged the Qik stream to sync to his Foursquare and Twitter accounts. So, when he did check into the park on Foursquare, the URL of the check-in was automatically posted to the Qik stream, which then posted the check-in to his Twitter account. Got that? Since Lauren's phone was already set up to receive Van Horn's Twitter alerts, she shortly saw that he was at the same park and turned around, shocked to see her boyfriend on his knees proposing to her.

We can't help but shed a few tears watching Van Horn's proposal, and luckily the social media mastery resulted in a moment captured in the touching video below. [From: Mashable]

[Image credit: Chris Hutchins]

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