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Sharpie Liquid Pencil Is Erasable for Three Days, Then It's Permanent

sharpie liquid pencil
Remember when everybody used those blue and black erasable where "erasing" mostly meant smudging the ink across your paper? Well, Sharpie may have revitalized the erasable writing utensil market with a new liquid pencil. According to Geekosystem, the Sharpie Liquid Pencil uses liquid graphite, which is erasable for three days after you put it to paper. After that 72-hour window, the marks become permanent. The graphite used in the liquid pencils is equivalent to that used in wooden yellow No. 2 pencils, so you can use them when taking standardized tests. Sharpie's "miracle pencil" hits stores in September, and pre-orders are ready over at Office Depot for $5 a pack. There is a downswide, though. Owning such a pencil means you're even less likely to get it back after lending it to the kid next to you. [From: Geekosystem and Sharpie Blog]

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