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Bill Gates Says Internet Will Offer the Best Education in Five Years

Bill Gates
If you didn't get into your college of choice, don't worry. Bill Gates thinks that where you get your college soon won't matter. According to Tech Crunch, Gates said last week at the Techonomy 2010 conference that, over the next five years, the Internet will offer a better education than the collegiate model. "Five years from now on the Web, for free, you'll be able to find the best lectures in the world," he said. Gates emphasized the high cost of the "place-based" college model (i.e. sweating it through Biology 101 in moldy basement labs), and argued that technology can radically cut the high costs of a traditional college education -- to as low as $2,000. These lower costs could make it easier for anyone to get an education.

Don't get too excited about the death of the real world classroom, though. Gates claims the current K-12 educational model is still essential for students, specifically lauding immersive charter schools, as well as hybrid approaches that combine technology learning with real world discussion. At the college level, though, Gates says, "the self-motivated learner will be on the Web." [From: Tech Crunch, via: Engadget]

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