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LiveRider Turns Your iPhone Into a Serious Bike Computer

LiveRider iPhone Kit
As both a nerd and someone who is physically active, there are few things your writer loves more than combining a love for gadgets, stats and sweat. The $99.99 LiveRider iPhone kit turns your iPhone into a serious bike computer. Sure there are countless apps that can track your speed or map your route using GPS, but serious cyclists want more (and more accurate) info at their fingertips. LiveRider has two different hardware components: a wireless frame-mounted sensor that measures both speed and cadence, and a combination shock-absorbing mount/wireless receiver that pulls data into your iPhone or iPod touch. The companion app puts all this info at your fingertips, as well as data from the iPhone's GPS and tilt sensor measuring inclination and mapping your route. You can even use a chase mode to race towards a goal or attempt to beat your previous best time.

New Potato Technologies, the manufacturer, says the LiveRider system is compatible with all versions of the iPhone and iPod touch. Finding a quality handlebar mount for an iPhone is hard enough, so the potential of a quality shock absorbing mount that actually adds features to the phone has at least a few at the Switched offices salivating. [From: New Potato Technologies, Via: OhGizmo!]

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