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Dish Network to Stream Live TV to Its Free Mobile Apps in September

Dish Network AppIn an effort to combat other satellite companies and cable providers, Dish Network Corp. will begin streaming live content to subscribers' smartphones and mobile devices next month, without extra charge. Currently, Dish's mobile apps only allow a subscriber to browse shows, set them to record and use their cellular device as a remote control. With the new app installed, however, a subscriber will be able to remotely change channels and watch live TV, as well as view whatever content is stored on their DVR. Fortunately, if you already subscribe to Dish, you likely have a Slingbox or HD DVR, so you'll only have to download the free app available on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry once it becomes available in September (Android phones will get the app in October). [From: AP, via: Yahoo! News and Engadget]

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