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CyberMotion Simulator Helps Scientists Steer a Course Toward Robo Racing


With a massive, controllable robotic arm, many unprecedented and momentous tasks become achievable. Such an appendage could perform difficult rescue missions, extraordinary construction tasks and urgent emergency responses. But, its greatest perk might be the reactive, mid-air environment it can contribute to incredibly awesome gaming sessions.

Germany's Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics has created a CyberMotion Simulator Robocoaster for just that high-flying function. (The Nobel Prize winning founder of quantum physics must be proud.) The Robocoaster simulator allows gamers to realistically drive a Ferrari F2007 through a Formula 1 course, while cradled in an enormous, responsive and elevated robotic hand. The Institute's Paolo Robuffo Giordano believes his group's enhanced "six-axis Kuka KR 500" should be used as "a fundamental tool to understand how humans experience the sensation of motion." But two unanswered, pertinent questions require a resolution: Who is the lucky guy in the video? And, how do we get his job? [From: ieee Spectrum and YouTube]

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