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'Achievement Unlocked 2' Revives the Blue Elephant for Time Wasting Fun

'Achievement Unlocked 2'
If you're looking for a way to blow off work (or recover from that marathon session of 'StarCraft II'), there's now a sequel to everybody's favorite meta-flash game, and, yes, it has even more possible achievements than the original. 'Achievement Unlocked 2' stars everybody's favorite blue elephant as it runs, jumps, dies, stands still, avoids death by spikes, collects coins and performs other mundane tasks in order to attain the 250 in-game achievements. The game basically lampoons the achievement-based design of countless other games, but, of course, its genius is that it makes you want to accomplish every one of its achievements. We're ashamed to admit it, but we're hooked -- once again. There's nothing quite like a game that makes you feel good about doing nothing at all. [From: Kotaku and Armor Games, via: Rock, Paper Shotgun]

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