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'Racer' Game Puts Driver in P.O.V. of Real Life RC Car


To a certain extent, racing games take after one another in concept, so it would seem that true innovation would be difficult to find in a car game. But not for Designer Malte Jehmlich, whose game 'Racer' fuses an arcade booth, a remote-control car outfitted with an onboard camera, and a track constructed of old refrigerator boxes. All in all, it's an augmented reality version of a game you might have played back before the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. He designed the track to have the look and feel of the '90s classic 'Wipeout,' claiming that he did so "not only for style, but first of all for efficient use of material."

Jehmlich spent the better part of two months building 'Racer,' and now the whole system can be set up in less than three hours. Aside from the player having to physically be in the same room as the track, the gameplay is similar to racing on a more traditional system. Players sit in the arcade booth, and control the car via a steering wheel and monitor. Menus and timing graphics are overlaid on the screen, which displays the car's point of view in real time to further reinforce the illusion of a classic-style game. Part racetrack set (as you can watch the car actually drive through the track) and part arcade game, this augmented reality game might make the casual builder dust off his or her own track pieces and forgotten Nitro RC car. [From: Co. Design]

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