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First Public Quick-Charge Station Isn't All That Public

ted kulongoski charges nissan leaf with nec/pge charging station
Portland General Electric (PGE) and NEC unveiled what they've billed as "North America's first public-use, quick-charge station for electric vehicles" yesterday. Governor Ted Kulongoski helped to juice up a yet-to-be-released Nissan LEAF at the station, which will charge lithium-ion-battery-based vehicles to 80-percent of their capacity in 20 to 30 minutes. "The station was awarded public-use certification by the City of Portland," according to the press release, and is located in the parking garage of PGE's headquarters. So convenient!

Still, the charging station sets a precedent for other cities considering public vehicle-charging programs. (And we guess there's no better place to start than a corporate car-park?) No word yet on if and when NEC and PGE plan to roll out more of the 50-kilowatt-output stations to the rest of the city, but hopefully the next one will be in a really accessible place like a landfill, or the bottom of a river. Check out a video of the unveiling at the link. [From: Engadget]

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