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We're Excited for the Dancing Indian Robot Movie 'Endhiran'

poster for 'endhiran'
Forget 'The Social Network,' 'The Expendables,' 'Piranha 3-D' and 'Charlie St. Cloud'; the big-budget, dance-crazy, sci-fi flick 'Endhiran' will quite obviously be the best film of the year. Starring the inimitable Rajnikanth (who also happens to be India's highest paid film actor) and the former Miss World Aishwarya Rai, 'Endhiran' follows a scientist who has created a robot for his son. The robot, which looks like the lovechild of a sinister 'bot from 'I, Robot' and Björk's droid-avatar from the 'All Is Full of Love' music video, is either chased by nefarious interests, or decides to turn on his master. (io9 is conflicted.) But, really, who cares? Check out this possibly evil robot's delicious moves, keyed to the fist-pumping, iTunes-topping soundtrack and among the gloriously CGI sets. Mark your calendar for the September release. The unfortunately tiny and tinny trailer (which really requires headphones and full-screen) is after the break. [From: io9, via: The Awl]

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