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Poor RIM. Study Finds Less Than Half of BlackBerry Users Loyal to Their Phones

buying an iphone on a blackberryOur smartphones are, to a certain extent, like our children. We keep them by our sides at all times, curse at them when they do something wrong, and, on occasion, lose them at bars. One thing we don't normally do with kids, though, is robotically trade them in for a smarter, better-looking model. And, according to a new study from Nielsen, that's exactly what most heartless BlackBerry owners are planning to do in the near future.

As All Things Digital reports, Nielsen's survey shows that only 42-percent of current BlackBerry owners say they're loyal to their RIM smartphones. A full 29-percent say their next phone will be an iPhone, and 21-percent say they'll be switching to an Android. Among the three major brands, Apple seems to inspire the most loyalty among its consumers, with 89-percent of respondents saying their next phone will stay within the Jobs family. Meanwhile, 71-percent of Android users promise to stay true to their smartphones. On the other side of the coin, only 2-percent of iPhone users and 3-percent of Android devotees say they'll be switching to a BlackBerry.

Obviously, these statistics can't be very encouraging for the suits at RIM, who unveiled the new BlackBerry OS 6 operating system and BlackBerry Torch yesterday. RIM might be able to find a silver lining, however, in Nielsen's market share report, which claims that RIM still claims about 35-percent of the smartphone market -- higher than either the iPhone or Android. Still, a disgruntled consumer base is an unhealthy one, and RIM may have to do a lot more than fine-tune its formula if it wants to reverse this troubling trend. [From: All Things Digital, via: Engadget]

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