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Dropbox Releases Beta Version for 1,000 BlackBerry Users, Fills Quota Immediately

Dropbox for BlackBerryThe mobile version of Dropbox, the popular app that lets users sync files across disparate computers and gadgets, has always been restricted to the iPhone and Android-powered phones. Now, though, BlackBerry users can get in on the action as well, thanks to a newly released beta version of the app. As with the iPhone and Android versions, Dropbox for BlackBerry enables users to open files, stream music and upload content to 2GB of cloud memory. As Ubergizmo reports, the beta version runs best on OS 5, as some users have reported having problems when running it on earlier OS versions.

Before downloading the new app, you'll have to sign up on Dropbox's website. The bad news, unfortunately, is that the beta version was made available to only 1,000 users, and that quota, according to Wired, has already been filled. Organizing your chaotic digital life, then, will probably have to wait until the next batch of beta. [From: Wired and Ubergizmo]

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