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Michael Reagan Launches @Reagan E-mail Address for Conservatives

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As CBS reports, Ronald Reagan's son Michael has launched his very own @Reagan e-mail service in an attempt to provide a safe haven for "people who believe in true Reagan Conservative Values." Why, what ever do you mean, Michael Reagan? "What do I mean? Well, every time you use your e-mail from companies like Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Apple and others, you are helping the liberals," he explains on his website. "These companies are, and will continue, to be huge supporters financially and with technology of those that are hurting our country."

True to his father's free market principles, Reagan is determined to make a profit off of his provider. Google and Hotmail may provide free e-mail, but those Trotskyites don't understand the value of a dollar the same way Michael Reagan does. Users who sign up for his service must pay $39.95 per year for their @Reagan addresses.

So, you could sign up for a free e-mail account, and send your check for zero dollars directly into Nancy Pelosi's account. Or, you can pay Michael Reagan 40 fat ones and sleep easy, knowing that your account has his pachydermal stamp of approval. Plus, Reagan will send out a complimentary DVD of his famous 'Tear Down This Wall' speech to @Reagan users. Of course, you can watch it for free at YouTube, but that's supporting Google, one of the companies Reagan identifies as "hurting our country." [From:, via: CBS]

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