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Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 With 'JailbreakMe' Tool

'jailbreak me' screenshotiPhone 4 users finally have an easy way to jailbreak their new smartphones -- a new browser-based tool, released just a few days after the Library of Congress officially declared jailbreaking totally cool. According to Engadget, JailbreakMe works on any Apple phone (except for the original), including the new iPhone 4, iPad and all iPhone 3GS models running iOS4. Developer Comex originally posted a link to the site hosting Jailbreakme, but it was quickly overloaded with traffic. The Next Web, though, soon discovered that ModMyl is hosting a mirror of the tool, so you might want to click here if you run into problems over at Comex.

Several users initially reported having MMS and FaceTime problems (as jailbreaking is not a flawless process), but the Cydia app directory will reportedly restore MMS and videochat capabilities to iPhone 4s that have already been jailbroken. (Redmond Pie has a step-by-step guide.) If you haven't already taken an axe to your phone, Comex has reportedly smoothed out that kink with the newest update. [From: TheNextWeb and Engadget]

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