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Brazilian Detergent Knows Where You Live, Thanks to Bizarre GPS-Enabled Boxes

omo detergent with gps device
Brazil -- land of caipirinhas, Carnival and one of the world's highest crime rates per capita -- will be a bit more like the world of 'The Running Man' starting next week. In one of the scariest advertising schemes known to us, Unilever's detergent line Omo will be placing GPS devices in select boxes of suds throughout the country.

According to Advertising Age, "consumers who buy one of the GPS-implanted detergent boxes will be surprised at home, given a pocket video camera as a prize and [be] invited to bring their families to enjoy a day of Unilever-sponsored outdoor fun." And "surprised" may be a bit of an understatement for the unaware, since Omo will have teams in 35 cities ready to track down each of the 50 boxes as soon as they are removed from store shelves. The SWAT-style soap trackers may even get to your place before you do.

Bullet, the promotional agency behind this terrifying idea, is aware that, in the crime-riddled streets of Brazil, some people may not want to open their doors to a team of camera-bedecked strangers. To counter that impulse, if one of the lucky winners refuses to answer, the team can remotely activate a buzzer within the box. And, if that's not scary enough, the $23 million campaign also includes a website that will feature photos of the winners and maps of where they live.

Bullet was also behind a bizarre campaign for Unilever's Fruttare Popsicles, having stashed 10,000 iPod Shuffles in popsicle boxes. Maybe 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' is missing something in its Portuguese translation, because a golden ticket that knows where you live turns Willy Wonka from a lovable wacko into a crazed Big Brother. [From: Ad Age]

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