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'Shark Week' to Feature Great Whites Swallowing HD Cameras

Your faithful writer, bolstered by assurance in the strides we're making with shark-detecting technologies, was planning another trip to the beach this weekend. But it suddenly dawned on him that this August 1st will see the 2010 premiere of Shark Week! For shark-phobic rubbernecks, Shark Week is the ultimate car crash, keeping us glued to the television for tales (and tails) of torment and triumph, and it's even better (or worse) in high definition.

The Discovery Channel has upped the ante with a decidedly unscientific new program for the Shark Week lineup called 'Into the Shark Bite,' where seemingly accredited, but suicidal, marine biologists decide to entice great whites to partially nom on an HD high-speed camera. What can this possibly tell us about the anatomy and behaviors of the great white that was not previously known? Nothing, other than to cement in our galeophobic brains what will likely be the last image we see before we go crunchily into that good night. Slightly less terrifying HD sharks (photographed shooting through the air in 2,000 fps) will be featured on 'Air Jaws' (yes, great whites are rare for their predilection for spy-hopping and breaching the surface at fierce speeds) and the curiously more epic version, 'Ultimate Air Jaws.' If there were ever a time to cradle a comforting pillow while feeding your ridiculous phobias, that time is now. Engadget has a pants-wetting gallery here. [From: Engadget]

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