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Spotify's U.S. Negotiations Stall, Fall Back to 'Square One'

SpotifySpotify must overcome yet another hurdle before it can bring free music streaming to U.S. devices. According to a report from Billboard, negotiations between the service and major music labels have gone "back to square one." Insiders, in general, have two divergent theories as to what held back the talks. Some claim that Spotify is insistent upon implementing a carbon copy of its European model, whereby users can listen to music for free, and then pay to upgrade. Labels, rumor has it, aren't so keen on having a new, non-revenue-earning streaming service on the market. Others, meanwhile, say the dispute simply boils down to money; Spotify's reportedly raised a good amount of cash from venture capitalists, and record companies may be demanding a greater slice of the pie.

Spotify's been trying to crack the American market for a while now -- so long, in fact, that the saga has even spawned its very own Tumblr, dubbed 'Not-ify.' And, with this latest setback, the negotiations are sure to drag on for even longer. If you're tired of waiting, though, All Things Digital recommends that you check out some alternatives currently available to U.S. users. (Spotify, in some ways, is the granddad of them all, but, because of import issues, each now shines for different reasons.) Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio and Thumbplay are a few of the $10-a-month options, and there's always Best Buy's Napster for those looking to save $5 a month on music. That should be able to tide you over until Spotify finally arrives -- or until the deal falls apart for good. [From: Billboard; via: AllThingsDigital]

Update: Spotify's Jim Butcher told that the Billboard discussion of negotiations being "back to square one" are "quite simply not true."

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