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Redbox Taking $1.50 Blu-ray Rentals Nationwide

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We're sure you're familiar with Redbox's kiosks, which offer DVD rentals for $1, and can often be found on your way out the door of your local mega-mart. Now the company is updating its services to offer high-def Blu-ray rentals. Of course, the HD discs will set you back slightly more than the $1 DVDs, but, at $1.50, the price bump is hardly a deal breaker. Roughly half of the company's 26,000 kiosks are now offering the Blu-ray rentals, and the remaining machines are scheduled to be upgraded by the fall.

Even though discs are going the way of MySpace -- as streaming services from Netflix, Blockbuster and even Hulu are replacing traditional rentals and DVD purchases -- plenty still get their video fix from a disc. While we're sure Redbox customers appreciate the HD option, renters had better not get too cozy; the company hopes to rapidly shift to streaming video in order to be a competitor, and not a relic of a bygone, disc-laden era. [From: Engadget]

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