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Kindle App for Your iPhone and iPad Gets Dictionary, Search

new kindle dictionaryEarlier this week, we reported that Amazon was upping its game with even cheaper versions of the Kindle, but it has also updated the Kindle app on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, adding a couple of unremarkable yet needed features.

The Kindle app now has a search function, which was inexplicably absent before. It's also able to look up words and phrases through Wikipedia and Google, but not within the app itself. (It just moves into Safari, but with fast-app-switching celerity.) We very much enjoy the included 250,000-word dictionary, which takes a minute to download, and runs within the software, so that readers don't have to lose their places. That's great news for us, since we still have not grown accustomed to the Kindle app's bizarre line/page numbering system. [From: iTunes, via: Wired]

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