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Nazi Hackers Target Concentration Camp Sites

Buchenwald Website
Hackers recently defaced the digital "Book of the Dead" and other portions of a website dedicated to the Buchenwald concentration camp, and completely erased all traces of a second site dedicated to the Mittelbau Dora camp. The attacks, targeting these grim reminders of Nazi horrors, were carried out by people who, we assert, are technically called "scum." Gone were the digital memorials and in their places were neo-Nazi and fascist slogans -- or, in the case of the Mittelbau Dora site, empty space.

The attacks were reported to police, and authorities in Berlin are working diligently to find and punish those responsible. The Memorials Foundation has restored at least portions of both sites, although the true extent of the damage has yet to be determined. One of the messages left on the site menacingly threatened that the attackers would "be back," so it's safe to assume that the site's security is being buttressed in anticipation of a follow-up attack. We are saddened that these peaceful sites, intended for healing, have been so defaced. [From: Reuters and Memorials Foundation]

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