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Abstinence Avatar Game Teaches Kids How to Avoid Sex, 'Winning' Is Really Losing

screenshot from UFC's sex-ed game
Now, this is exactly what we've been yearning for: a video game that teaches us how to be abstinent. With avatars. Because real gamers usually have dates galore, right? Researchers at the University of Central Florida have created just such a game, in the hopes of encouraging kids to avoid kissing and making out and stuff. "Players" must wear a motion-capture suit, equipped with special infrared receptors, which control the movement of his or her avatar on the screen. To "succeed" at the game means completely avoiding sexual advances from the opposite sex. Researchers will begin testing the game on targeted after-school students, and are hoping to have it ready to roll by Spring 2011. Oh, and it only cost $434,000 worth of taxpayer money to create.

In an interview with FOX News' Orlando affiliate, professor and research leader Anne Norris said the game would provide Florida's hormonal with "a place to practice where there aren't any social consequences." (Witness the bizarre mating, or non-mating, dance after the jump.) Since the morality is weaved into a video game platform, Norris believes teens will find it easier to pick up valuable social skills. "A boy similar in age might approach the person playing the game and ask her to make out or there might be some sexual innuendo," Norris explained. Wow. That sounds like a really tough situation. Or, as most of the world would call it, "the best day of your teenage life." [From: FOXOrlando, via: Joystiq and The Awl]

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