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MOG Mobile Sets Itself Apart: Hands On

Until recently, if you wanted to listen to music on your smartphone through a premium-paid service, you only had a few options, such as Rhapsody and Rdio. Fortunately, MOG, another music-streaming service, comparable to Rhapsody and Rdio, has just appeared on the scene with apps for both iPhone and Android. Read on to see how MOG sets itself apart.


MOG Playlists
The concept of playlists isn't new to mobile streaming apps, but, in MOG, playlists function differently than they do in competing services. Whereas Rhapsody's online service lets you upload playlists for others to search and hear, the Rhapsody mobile app does not. Instead, you're stuck only with the playlists you have created online, killing any chance of whipping up playlists on the go. The Rdio app does let you access playlists created by other people, but only if you're already friends with them. With MOG, when creating a playlist online, you are given the option to set its availability to public or private. Public entries are immediately searchable by anyone using MOG, creating a superior network of choices.

Downloadable Content

MOG Downloads
MOG allows you to download music directly to your smartphone for free, so you can listen to music without service or an Internet connection. This means that quick ride on the subway won't halt the jam-momentum you've been building all day. However, don't try transferring any downloaded files to your computer, as they are encoded in a format that only the MOG app recognizes. Both Rdio and Rhapsody possess this feature, but they download songs as lower-quality, 64-Kbps AAC files. MOG gives you the option to download songs as 64-Kbps AAC files or as higher-quality, 320-Kbps MP3s.

User Interface

Mog User Interface
Navigating the MOG app is relatively simple and intuitive. The home screen features a grid of buttons that will take you to seven different hubs: Search, New Releases, MOG Charts, Today's Picks, My Favorites, My Downloads or Play Queue. Of these, the search hub is the most extensive; just by entering the name of an artist, you will be directed to the closest match, where you can browse through that artist's discography, songs or even let MOG direct you to similar artists and bands. Once you've made a selection, whatever was chosen will begin to play in your queue, which proceeds in the order that you determine. Although MOG and Rhapsody look different, their UIs are strikingly similar in terms of functionality, and most of their menus and submenus present the same options.

Overall Usability

While MOG doesn't necessarily reinvent how you stream music on your cell phone, it does enhance the practice. Previously, users had to choose Rdio's better feature set or Rhapsody's larger library and better user interface. With MOG, you have access to a catalog that is more extensive than Rdio's selection but a little less than Rhapsody's, a UI that is extremely similar to Rhapsody's, and a feature set that trumps both.

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