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Facebook Questions Debuts, Probably Can't Find Our Keys

Facebook rolls out Questions feature for beta testing.

Back in April, we reported that Facebook would introduce a Q&A feature that would compete with sites like Quora, Aardvark and Yahoo! Answers. According to The Facebook Blog, the social-networking site introduced Facebook Questions to a limited number of beta testers today. When the public feature (yes, everybody can see what you ask) becomes available, an 'Ask Question' button and text box will appear on your homepage and your friends' walls. There will be a few different ways to ask for advice. For example, you can just ask a general question, post a photograph along with a question about it or make a poll. Adding tags to each question will be an important part of this new feature, too, since the site will quickly amass millions of queries for you to browse via drop-down topic menus. You'll also have the option to follow certain questions, so you'll be notified of new answers that users post.

As usual, Facebookers will complain, but this is a direct shot at Google and Twitter that could end up being extremely useful. While Twitter is great for getting instant feedback, searching for answers is still prohibitively difficult. Unlike Google, Facebook Questions relies on answers from real people, and Facebook has enough users to create an enormous repository of searchable questions and answers. [From: The Facebook Blog, via: Mashable]

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