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Awesome Cool-Guy Justin Bieber Rides a Segway, Flees Horde of Teenage Girls

Justin Bieber rides a segwayTween heartthrob Justin Bieber has learned to be spry! In case you haven't already brightened your days with videos of the boy (and his haircut) walking face-first into more than one glass door, it seemed for a while that the Biebs was unable to master the simple act of perambulation. So, naturally, he turned to the coolest and most enviable set of mechanical legs this side of Gob Bluth: the Segway.

We suggest turning down your volume before watching the video after the break. Bieber emerges, scooting along the back lot of a concert arena in Glendale, Arizona, and is suddenly Bieb-sieged [Ed. Note: Heyooo!] by an exponentially growing piranha-swarm of screaming young girls. Luckily for 'Baby' fans, and for his growing base of lesbian emulators, he escapes unscathed. A close call for the Biebs, to be sure: we can only imagine that, had they caught him by his signature tresses, he would've been torn limb from limb like the last earthly survivor among a horde of the undead. [From: New York Magazine]

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