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Japanese Researchers Invent Holograms You Can Touch

Holograms you can touch
We're still waiting for flying cars, laser guns and teleportation devices, but it looks like we can scratch one childhood dream off the list: touchable holograms. According to the NTDTV report posted after the jump, researchers at Japan's Tokyo University have managed to concoct holograms that not only react to touch, but that also create the sensation of touch, itself. Apparently, and not surprisingly, an integral part of the system is Nintendo's Wiimote technology, which senses user input. That's right nerdlings, with this contraption, you could not only talk to that Princess Leia hologram, but you could actually lovingly caress her cinnamon bun-like tresses. If that ain't progress, we don't know what is. [From: LiveLeak, via: Billionaire Boys Club]

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