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Facebook Adds Commenting to the 'Like' Button, Infinite Possibilities Emerge

Facebook like button
In its never-ending quest to make every move and every flick of the mouse publishable, broadcastable and comment-worthy, Facebook is now letting users comment on the "like" button. (Imagine, if you will, an endless tunnel of commenting; someone comments "ZOMG" on your cat post, someone else "likes" the comment, someone comments on the liking of the "ZOMG," and you wind up with an infinite situation -- akin to holding two mirrors up to each other. The world may collapse in on itself.)

While this may make for entertaining and lively discussion on your Feed, companies are hoping that users giving the "thumbs up" to their brand will encourage commenting. The now-ubiquitous "like" button can then spawn an impromptu love session, celebrating and praising organizations, objects and advertisers who have bought into the Facebook API. All will be well in the Web 2.0 experience.

Unless, of course, you don't want to be solicited by said companies you "like." Because, along with the commenting addition, Facebook has also enabled advertisers and brands to contact their "likers," offering promotions or announcements of the item in question. Of course, those who aren't interested in turning into walking brand advertisements probably shouldn't "like" brands or products to begin with, but sometimes the temptation to "be the first of your friends" to give something the seal of approval is too much. [From: Facebook, via: Venture Beat]

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