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University Course Teaches E-mail Flirtation to Over 400 Pitiful Souls

phillip von senftleben's book on flirting
In the saddest news we've heard today (which means it's been a relatively good day), 440 people have enrolled in a master's course, held at Potsdam University in Germany, that instructs students in how to be flirtatious via text message and e-mail, how to impress acquaintances and how to deal with that girl who will inevitably text back, "uhhh NO, perv." The course's instructor, Philip von Senftleben, plans to take the spirit of his self-improvement books and radio programs to the classroom in order to tell the pitifully shut-in how to "get someone else's heart beating fast while yours stays calm." We're not sure whether or not the course has a title yet, but we'd like to offer this one: "Dating 2.0: In Facebook, Nobody Can Hear You Stutter or Smell Your B.O." [From: Reuters]

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