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Raytheon Corners the Apps of Mass Destruction Market

Raytheon iPhone App The scientists with Raytheon Company consistently engineer intimidating and inspiring defense technology. During a recent exercise, the military contractors demonstrated the awesome capabilities of an anti-aircraft laser system, and now Raytheon plans to upgrade another of its aerial defense programs.

The firm, which previously made its foray into iPhone territory with the One Force Tracker app, is providing a new Apple offering. The 'Patriot Crew Drill' iPhone app, exclusively for military personnel, enables soldiers to refresh their skills and familiarity with Raytheon's Patriot anti-missile system. According to the BBC, Raytheon recognizes the tendency for controllers to "get rusty" with the Patriot software because of combat orders and other distracting assignments.

To rectify that natural and understandable predicament, the firm's researchers have developed a multiple-choice app that presents controllers with various circumstances and their possible solutions. If a soldier chooses a wrong answer, a cyber-Gunny reportedly lambastes the unfortunate maggots. While Raytheon hasn't addressed the Gunny's voice-over actor, only one -- highly obvious -- choice seems appropriate. [From: BBC and Ubergizmo]

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