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Bernie Kerik Tweets Against Ground Zero Mosque from Prison

bernie kerik and his tweetJoining the ranks of Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and New York gubernatorial candidates Rick Lazio and (the unlikely) Carl Paladino, former NYC Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik has also come out in opposition of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque.

That's great news for the anti-mosque organizers, but we must remind ourselves that Kerik is also a convicted felon currently serving time in Cumberland, Maryland. (Click here for the laundry list of his crimes.) And yet Kerik was able to tweet a link to a video hosted on conservative website Newsmax (Palin once described Newsmax as one of her top news sources) created by right-wing pundit Frank Gaffney's group, Center for Security Policy. Kerik also reposted Gaffney's Newsmax article on his personal blog. But how did he do it?

As we noted yesterday, Congress is looking in to banning cell phones and other wireless gadgets outright from federal penitentiaries, which are strangely not yet classified as contraband. The Bureau of Prisons told that, "Inmates don't have Internet access. He probably has a family member doing it for him." Kerik may have access to a program called Trulincs, which allows inmates to email people on an approved list, according to the Bureau. Kerik, or one of his proxies, has been blogging pretty regularly since April. We've posted the video in question below. [From: Salon]

(The art historians among us feel compelled to point out that this video blasts the transition of St. Sophia Basilica into Hagia Sophia, pretty much universally considered one of the world's most amazing examples of Byzantine architecture. Whether or not you oppose the Ground Zero Mosque, please don't bring 1,600-year-old emblems of human creativity into the fray.)

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