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Autom the Weight-loss Robot Will Coach You to a Healthier Life

Autom bot
If other dieting solutions just haven't worked, why not try a personalized, robotic weight-loss coach? It may sound odd, but according to The Wall Street Journal, Intuitive Automata, Inc. hopes that its talking robot, Autom, can help people lose weight and lead healthier lives. Autom -- which will launch in the U.S. next year as a trial, and later for $500 plus a monthly subscription fee -- will hold daily "conversations" with users, and suggest ways they might improve their routines. To begin with, the dieter enters personal into Autom's memory. We imagine it'll go something like this: "Put down those pork rinds and take a long jog, fatty." Or at least, that's what we're hoping. You can either obey, or face the judgmental stare of the doe-eyed bot.

Cory Kidd, who began designing Autom while studying at MIT, told the Journal that people stick with diet and exercise routines for longer periods of time when using Autom. (You can see it after the break.) That makes sense to us, as any time you're held accountable to somebody (even if it's a robot), you're more likely to work hard. But if we're really going to diet and exercise, it will take more than some talking robot to keep us motivated -- unless the final version of Autom features massive biceps, a thundering voice and huge veins protruding from its neck. [From: The Wall Street Journal, via: Engadget]

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