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Facebook Hits 500 Million User Mark, Next Stop: 1 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg
A lot of backs are getting patted over at Facebook headquarters today, as the social network has just passed the vaunted 500 million user mark. It's certainly an incredible milestone, and one that would make most mere mortals ecstatic. According to cyborg CEO Mark Zuckerberg, though, numbers don't really matter. As he explains (in a profoundly creepy cadence), Facebook is much more interested in hearing what you have to say -- as long as whatever you say makes Facebook sound amazing.

So, to prove how much it cares about what its users have to say, the social network will be launching an apparently Sarah Palin-inspired feature called 'Facebook Stories.' The new feature will, in essence, be a forum for people to share stories about how Facebook has changed their lives. Among those already posted on the page is a tale about a Danish Prime Minister who organized a jog with 100 of his Facebook fans, as well as a piece about a woman who claims that a friend's Facebook status may have saved her from cancer.

In case that's not enough Facebook love for you, the site has also compiled a photo album, featuring all of the mushy gushy messages of appreciation it's received over the past few years. So have a seat, put up your feet, and re-live all those special moments you've shared with Facebook -- like that one time it totally invaded your privacy. [From: Facebook]

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