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Dutch Gamers Set Record, Play 'Red Dead Redemption' for 50 Hours

Six Dutch gamers play Red Dead Redemption
According to Joystiq, six Dutch gamers set a new Guinness World Record after playing 'Red Dead Redemption' last weekend for 50 hours straight. For their show of endurance, the men each received $1,300, a Twistdock connector for the PlayStation 3, their names etched in the Guinness Book and probably some slight bladder or kidney damage along with a dose of carpal-tunnel syndrome. The men began the event, which was held at a Dutch retail store, as bitter rivals. But, at some point during the competition, they decided to unite (creating a supergroup of thumb jockeys), and break the former record of 40 hours and 20 minutes, which was set by Indian Chirantan Patnaik, together.

Plenty of gamers will scoff at this record and brag about their saved files from a 'Final Fantasy' or 'Grand Theft Auto' game that prove the record is null. But, unless Guinness officials watch you do it, your marathon gaming session doesn't count -- no matter how long you claim to have holed up with three-liter Mountain Dews, Domino's pizza and a catheter. [From: Joystiq, via: ABC News and Video Games Blogger]

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