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Defrauder Photoshops Himself Into Charity Pics, Fails in Federal Court

404 photoshop fakery not foundA man accused of credit card fraud and bail-jumping just received a 285-month sentence, despite the fact that his defense submitted several photoshopped images of him doing charity work in a bid for a lighter penalty. Daryl Simons's sad attempt to show himself as some kind of humanitarian backfired in White Plains, New York federal court when a quick analysis of the photos in question proved that Simons had simply inserted his own visage into preexisting pictures of hospitals and schools. Simons must have been short on pictures of himself, because he embedded the same picture in two different images; in one, he's shown standing next to a teen student, while, in another, he is assuming the exact mirror-image position (a Photoshop no-no!), helping a patient during a rehabilitation exercise.

Simons also submitted doctored letters of support from charities, but the judge saw through them pretty quickly, too. Sadly, we can't get access to the photos. Kevin Underhill at Lowering The Bar notes, "I was unable to find that on the court's docket. It may not have been posted yet, but that seems odd given that the government's sentencing memo is available. Frustratingly, the government did not reproduce the doctored photos in its memo or in the appendix...." We will definitely post the sure-to-be-hilarious pics if and when we find them. [From: New York Post]

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