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ChambersJudd's 'Floppy Legs' Drive Leaps to Avoid Desktop Disasters

chambersjudd's 'floppy legs disk drive'
It seems like Choire Sicha over at The Awl may have had a feline-facilitated, coffee-on-the-keyboard calamity this morning when he decided to declare July 20th Be Conscientious With Beverages Around Your Laptop Day. He writes, "How many laptops have we seen destroyed by a forgotten cup of coffee or a dripping bottle of Vitamin Water?" Well, Choire, this writer can personally vouch for a $250 bill for a laptop deep-clean at Tekserve, thanks to a scant few drops that flew across his partner's keyboard. Maybe we could both benefit from ChambersJudd's hard drive, which leaps to escape coffee cataclysms?

You may remember ChambersJudd's 'Gesundheit' sneezing radio from some months back, part of a collection called The Attenborough Design Group, which imagines what tech might be like had 'The Living Planet' host David Attenborough become a designer with animal defenses in mind instead of a TV naturalist. Its 'Antitouch Lamp' is cute if aggravating, dodging your switch-flipping inclinations whenever you walk near. But we kind of love 'Floppy Legs Disk Drive' and its mini Apple LCII-esque housing -- retro, functional and funny. (And the cats would be so terrified of it that they wouldn't dare come close to your perilously perched beverage.) Check out a video of the animalistic gizmos after the break. [From: ChambersJudd, via: Core77]

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