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eBay User Sells Original NES for $50k, but Buyer Reneges (Seller Drops to $35k)

$50,000 NES on eBay
As far we understand it, an object goes through five rough stages in its lengthy lifetime. First, it's shiny and new, sitting on a store shelf. Then, it's just junk. A little later, it's vintage, then antique, and -- finally -- an invaluable link to another time. Typically, it seems, it takes quite a while to get from Stage 1 to Stage 5. (We're hoping that rusted-out '83 Mustang in our yard will be fondly remembered any day now.) After hearing about an original NES fetching a cool 50 grand on eBay, though, we had to reconsider that timeline; apparently where gamers are concerned, it's quite a bit shorter. Actually, a lot dang shorter.

Apparently, though, whoever had decided to shell out the $50,000 in order to grab the Nintendo bundle (and to alleviate user ronald3868's financial problems) couldn't cash the check his or her mouth had written. Accordingly, Ronald has re-listed the bundle -- which includes a console, four controllers, 42 games, 'Game Genie,' a gun controller, and more -- for a mere $35,000. While that's bad news for Ronald, it's good news for us; we feel significantly less crazy. [From: Geekosystem and eBay - ronald3868]

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