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Kmart Wants Your Game Reviews, Stumbles on that Viral Marketing Thing

Kmart Taping Users' Game Reviews

To begin with, yes, Kmart stores still exist in some places [Ed. Note: Actually, part of the same building as the Switched office's in New York, to be exact], even though we can't remember the last time we shopped at one. So, in an effort to maintain relevant, the retail store is petitioning gamers for help. According to the MyKmart blog, Kmart will tape your video game reviews to display cases in the stores, because nothing says "in the know" like 'Call of Duty' fanboy-ism. Supposedly, this little experiment will help Kmart foster an online community of like-minded gamers and also aid clueless shoppers.

Now, there are some rules for aspiring critics. First, Kmart only wants "helpful and constructive" reviews. Secondly, said reviews should be "unique and well-written" (good luck with that). And finally, these reviews should be written with "non-gamers" in mind and should focus on newly released or "evergreen" titles. Of course, Kmart reserves the right to alter "spelling, grammar, slang or punctuation so it's more store-friendly."

By online community, it sounds like Kmart is just trying to get some diehards to create authentic, helpful reviews, thus doing their work for them. Nothing us bloggers love more than writing for free! [From: MyKmart, via: The Consumerist]

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