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iPhone-Turned-SLR Lens Mount Redefines Camera Overkill

iPhone DSLR
Think of how much you love your iPhone. Now picture it with a Canon EF 70-200mm strapped to the front end. Did your heart just well up? 'Cause ours didn't.

Yet, for Apple fanboy Jeremy Salvador, the idea of pimping out his iPhone with an adaptor to fit any Canon EF lens seemed too good to pass up. After buying an Owle iPhone mount, he decided that its array of built in excessiveness was not enough. So by fitting three adapters onto the Owle, he successfully became the first person in history to take a photo on an iPhone with a 35mm lens.

The kicker: it only sort of worked. Because the camera was too close to the lens, the projected image fell behind the camera's sensor, and the resulting picture is out of focus. Currently, he has not found a fix for the issue, but is testing out ways to remedy it. In an evaluation of the iPhone's camera, he found out that the minimum focal length for an iPhone 3GS is somewhere between 50mm-60mm, meaning he needs to figure out a way to offset the back of the lens 50mm-60mm away from the iPhone.

We're not ones to stick up our nose at DIY camera mods, but is this necessary? Instead of spending the money on a lens, an Owle and all of the necessary adapters, just buy a cheap DSLR, which takes better pictures and is just as compact. And if you're just dying to outfit your iPhone with a large protrusion, try something useful... like an antenna. [From: iPhone DSLR]

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