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Whoopi Goldberg 'Murders' Her iPhone 4, Reveals Her Insane Entitlement

whoopi goldeberg as guinan murdering iphone 4
Whoopi Goldberg, we've lost faith in you. After defending Mel Gibson's racist tirades this week, she finally went too far with her reaction to iPhone 4's reception problems. (If you're interested, Jezebel compiled a disturbing list of things that Whoopi's tried to justify, including Michael Vick's predilection for dog-fighting and people who think the Moon landing was faked.) But the comedy empress explained this week on 'The View' that when she finally got so exasperated with her iPhone's dropped calls, she threw it out of her car and "murdered it."

We're not about to defend the iPhone 4, whose reception problems Apple will be addressing in a press event in just a few hours. But it must be oh-so-nice to be a celebrity and have the financial wherewithal to destroy a $200 piece of electronics on a reactionary whim, instead of doing what Apple has offered and returning the phone for a full refund. Look, Whoopi -- we've been a longtime fans of yours, and even found your bizarre campaign about sneezing and peeing kind of endearing. But defending an unapologetic racist and burning your money in the same week has left us a little hurt. The disheartening video is after the break. [From: Gawker]

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