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Facebook Page Pays Tribute to Raoul Moat, Fallen U.K. Murderer

raoul moatJust a few days after being released from prison, 37-year-old Raoul Moat, of Newcastle, UK, shot his ex-girlfriend, killed her new boyfriend and blinded a police officer. The ensuing nationwide manhunt finally came to a close last Saturday, when Moat took his own life after a six-hour standoff with armed police. Now, a group of people have flocked to Facebook to pay tribute, not to Moat's victims, but to the killer himself.

As the BBC reports, a woman named Siobhan O'Dowd recently decided to create a fan page for Moat, as a way to honor his 'legend.' The page quickly garnered more than 35,000 members, before being pulled down in response to harsh criticism from Prime Minister David Cameron. Today, though, another Moat sympathizer created a new honorific page in its stead. Titled 'R.I.P Raoul Moat,' the page describes Moat as a "loving father and canny lad," and by late morning, had already attracted more than 13,000 users.

In an interview with the Telegraph, O'Dowd admitted that she regrets having created the page, but insists that she still feels sorry for Moat. "I just I genuinely felt sorry for him because he asked for help but didn't get it," she explains. When asked why she used the word 'legend' to describe him, O'Dowd replied, "I thought him hiding from the police was legendary. He did make the coppers look stupid and that is why a lot of people respected him." As she says, "Not many people can say they were on the run from the police for a week after shooting three people."

As the numbers prove, O'Dowd certainly wasn't the only person taking pity on Moat. "I think it is a cry from the heart from poor, white, working class, unemployed people who are drifting on to dangerous shores," former Respect MP George Galloway theorizes. "They hate the government, they hate the police, they hate society and feel left behind." [Ed. Note: In our day, displaced British middle class just listened to The Clash.] We don't know enough about U.K. social politics to weigh in on Galloway's theory, but we'd imagine that there's got to be some sort of deep-seated motive behind creating such a grossly insensitive page. Ultimately, this story only highlights the double-edged sword that is Facebook. The social network can do a lot of good, but it can also expose us to a lot of bad -- or, in this case, a lot of ugly. [From: BBC and The Telegraph]

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