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Mega-Snore: Another 'Social Network' Trailer, This Time With Footage

still from 'the social network' trailer
Yawn. We need some more coffee. We just watched the first trailer spewed forth by the viral marketing machine behind David Fincher's 'The Social Network' that actually includes footage from the movie. And, you know, we're obligated to post it here, because it's a thing on the Internet about the Internet and there's just no way in hell a site like ours could ignore it. We've harped on the overwrought execution of the previous trailers and poster, and, now that we see Eisenberg and Co. on screen, we're getting a little sleepy. It makes us sad because we know that we're also obligated to see this mythologized biopic when it finally hits the theaters, no matter how bored by Facebook we've become, or how hard Fincher tries to make a business's successes and foibles more interesting than the pages of Crain's. Can we get a day without Facebook? Mandatory trailer after the break. [From: The Playlist, Via: Gawker]

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