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Lightweight, Slightly Embarrassing T.25 Offers 74 MPG at $9,000

T.25 mini-car
Our most common objection to green cars, whether electric, hybrid or alternative-fuel, is that they are -- always it seems -- plagued by goofy looks, poor performance and featherweight construction. Though not an exception to any of those rules, the T.25 is still impressive in that it gets a whopping 74 miles to the gallon, and that it costs -- right off the showroom floor -- no more than $9,000.

Designed by English Formula One engineer Gordon Murray and founded on the iStream construction technology, the T.25 is pitiful looking (somewhere between a meter maid and a Smart Car), slow (with a top speed of 80 mph) and tiny (8-feet long by 4-feet wide, and 1,200 pounds). But having one would be so dang cheap. So, we'll tell you what: If every single one of you buys one of these things when they come out in 2012, we will, too. We're cool with the idea. We're just not cool with soliciting jeers, driving in the slow lane and being sent into the stratosphere when we get hit by a truck. So, go ahead, dear readers. We'll be right behind you, as long as you go first. [From: DailyTech, via: Dvice]

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