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Yves Béhar and GE Unveil WattStation, a Speedy Electric Car Charger

Wattstation by yves behar and GE
Designer du jour Yves Béhar loves electric cars, as we saw when he unveiled a concept for a hackable vehicle at the Greener Gadgets conference back in February. In addition, his company fuseproject helped develop the drool-inducing Mission Motors electric motorcycle, the fastest vehicle of its kind on the market. Now Béhar has teamed with GE to unveil a new design for an electric car charging station yesterday in San Francisco.

The WattStation, developed as part of GE's ecomagination project, can allegedly power up your vehicle in only 4 to 8 hours, nearly half the time that other ports require to juice up your electro-ride. Sporting a sleekly forward-thinking but inconspicuous silhouette, the WattStation is designed to fit right in to the urban landscape, while the color-coded LED rings around the top let users know if the station is available, in use, or out of service. GE and fuseproject hope to begin installing the stations on city streets by next year. [From: Inhabitat]

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