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Voyager 1 Space-Trips to Solar System's 'Edge', eBay Faces $3.8B Lawsuit

Voyager 1

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines....
  • The Voyager 1 spacecraft has already traveled an astounding 14 billion miles since its 1977 launch, and the interstellar wanderer is now headed to the Kuiper Belt at the "'edge' of our solar system," more than 13 billion miles from home. [From: Popular Science]
  • eBay has faced exorbitant lawsuits in the past, but XPRT Venture is suing the site for a staggering $3.8 billion for alleged patent violations relating to eBay's payment system. [From: NY Daily News]
  • After receiving a critical iPhone 4 review from Consumer Reports, Apple -- apparently thinking it was bigger than the Internet -- reportedly began deleting posts about the matter on a customer forum. [From: Gawker]
  • The developer of the Soul Pancake metaphysical networking site is suing actor and site co-founder Rainn Wilson for various financial issues, but -- while the suit is for more than $5 million -- Wilson does still maintain his Pancake-related Twitter background. [From: Portland Business Journal
  • A catalog featuring various Verizon and Samsung devices recently emerged, and the early assessments of the Droid 2, and new "dumbphones" like the Pantech Jest, Gusto and Intensity 2, aren't exactly enthusiastic. [From: Engadget]
  • A U.S. Appeals Court has holstered the FCC's quick censor finger, as a three-judge panel condemned the federal organization's harsh and "unconstitutionally vague" policy on fleeting, live expletives. [From: The Los Angeles Times]

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