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This Is the Worst App Ever: Text While Walking With 'Road SMS'

Road SMS' is an Android app from the Samsung App Store, and we hate hate HATE it. It ingeniously encourages the silly, rude and sometimes lethal practice of texting-while-walking. 'Road SMS' purports to be some kind of safe alternative because it uses your phone's camera as a video background while you're tapping away at that text that is so damn important that you can't stop walking. Oh, look, 'Road SMS' says your path is clear, and you can text away. Doh, your stupid phone, with its cursed lack of peripheral vision, didn't see that 18-wheeler truck that just crushed your skull.

Also, 'Road SMS' could -- strike that, will -- be used by drivers who think they're savvy enough to text on the highway. Once again, there's that tricky business of periphery, which we humans developed as a precaution against saber-tooth tigers and such. Can 'Road SMS' see danger coming from either side? Probably not, and the developers behind this app should give themselves a swift and righteous kick in the nethers, as an apology to Switched and to the Samsung/Android users they've endangered by hopping on the augmented reality trend before thinking about the implications of their design. [From: Likecool]

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