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South Korea Deploys Robot Sentry on North Korean Border

South Korean Border Bot
While the West's tiff with the Reds might have cooled in recent years, such is not the case in Asia, where South Korea and North Korea eye one another with suspicion and animosity. So, leave it to South Korea, which clearly has the whole technology thing figured out, to deploy robot soldiers along its northern border.

Based on the testimonies of unidentified South Korean military officials, the AFP reports that two robots -- able to spy on, track, shoot and recognize the voices of human targets -- have been incorporated into one military unit. Apparently, each unit costs $330,000, and relies on heat and motion sensors to get a bogey in its sights. Then, the deathbot can unleash either its rifle or its automatic grenade launcher. And we thought we had border disputes, but we'll take mounties over deadly bots any day. [From: AFP/Google News]

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